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Ling Fluent is one of the most popular multimedia platforms for learning foreign languages.

Do you want to learn a foreign language quickly and efficiently? Join the thousands of people who use e-learning Ling Fluent platform. The platform makes it possible to learn the 8 most popular languages in Europe, ie. English, German, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and Dutch.


How looks like learning with Ling Fluent? Teaching method developed by experienced linguists involves to work several senses simultaneously and relies on remembering and repeating the words and phrases contained in the pages (ie. fiches). How looks like these internet fiche? On each of them is placed word or phrase in your selected language, used in a sentence or phrase, translation, photo or image and recording the correct pronunciation. To help you process of acquiring knowledge, fiches were sorted into thematic categories.


The course is available online in three versions: Basic, Pro and Vip . Packages vary in the number of fiches and categories, and the duration of access to the platform. In the Basic package you will receive 1500 fisches in 15 categories with access to the course for a period of 6 months. In the Pro and Vip version you will have at your disposal 5000 fiches in 25 categories, while the Pro version is active for 12 months, and the Vip version is unlimited in time.

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Advantages of Ling Fluent

You are learning when you want it

You receive 24/7 access to the materials. You can learn whenever you have access to the internet. The platform runs on computers, tablets and smartphones.

You achieve rapid progress

The proposed method of remembering and repeating in Ling Fluent is based on the use of natural predisposition of the brain, so you learn a lot faster and easier.

You use the knowledge

Use the acquired knowledge and start to talk freely with other people on a holiday or at work. See for yourself that learning with Ling Fluent is effective.
Content of the course

Ling Fluent

Ling Fluent

8 languages and 2 levels of advancement

In the each BASIC course:

  • 1500 fiches with words
  • 15 thematic categories
  • approx. 100 words in each topic
  • 24/7 access to the materials
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Reviews about Ling Fluent

Since I can remember I've always had trouble with remembering the words in Italian. I was studied Italian language three years, but during the trip to Florence, it turned out that I really don’t know anything. I lacked of vocabulary used in everyday life. Ling Fluent platform was recommended to me my friend who has learned in this way to speak English. My opinion about Ling Fluent is the most positive. I mostly learn in the bus on the way to work. With the materials I use on my smartphone. It turned out that the fiches haven’t to be arduous, and the key to success is a well-established method of repeating.

Kate, 35 years old, Warsaw

Who would have thought that I learn so many words in the English language at age 50. As it turns out with Ling Fluent anything is possible. I knew the basics of English, because my employer paid a basic English course for all of his employees. I must say that learning with Ling Fluent gives me a lot of pleasure. A platform big plus is that I can learn on computer and mobile phone. I recommend Ling Fluent to all who want to learn the language quickly and efficiently.

Annette, 50 years old, Cracow

I must admit that initially I approached quite skeptical about Ling Fluent media platform. I was getting ready to go to work in Germany for longer. I didn’t have too much time to enroll in a stationary course of German in my city. The choice fell on the Ling Fluent platform because of the good reviews on the Internet. Despite my negative attitude to online self-study, I must admit that I learned a lot. I had no problems with communication in everyday situations. I rate Ling Fluent for five with a plus. Andrew, 40 years old, Poznan

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What are the 3 Package distributions?

Ling Fluent have created 3 packages for language courses. These courses are based on the learning standard of students. As If are quarterly qualified with the foreign language, Then they do not need to join VIP package. These packages are combined with the package of words, phrases, and theories. Here are the package divisions. You should choose your selective package with your learning ability. These packages only require your time and you can have it anywhere.

Let’s discuss the packages.

Basic Package

It is a short package containing 1500 words and phrases with 5 thematic categories. This course has the tenure of six months.


It is a basic package. That person can join it who wants to learn basics of the language. But it is sure that the quota of 1500 words and phrases will be the most fluent useable in the subject Language. They will teach you with advance experienced techniques to stock all words and phrases in your mind permanently. The tenure of this package required is 6 months. As you have to give proper time to learn as much as required. The course lessons will be available on any android, iOS and Windows device. So you can get it with you anywhere.


Pro Package

It is a Standard package. Everyone can make a grip on language with this package. It has 5000 words and phrases quota with 25 thematic strategies. This Course tenure is twelve months.


Pro Package will make you fully known with your subject Language. Ling Fluent has joined with fully experienced and valuable linguists. They will teach you the quota of 5000 words and phrases with advanced techniques. You will have the almost full grip on the language.


VIP Package

The package with no any time limit. The VIP package has no limits. It has a quota of 5000 words and phrases with 25 thematically categories.


After completion of 5000 words and phrases quota, Candidate will receive 100 words package every month. This will keep you updated with advance additions in Subject Language. This package will make you fluent in the language as native. You will learn advanced accept and will have fully approach to the platform with no time limits. VIP package offer guarantee to users for their advance fluent language with this package. It is because they allow the user to decide their learning limits. They are authorized to join package with no time limits. They will decide for how long they want to be updated and want to keep learning.


In this package, Students have no strictness to give time as required. They will have no any stress and pressure for time. They will learn as much they can. With the offered quota of words and phrases, they will have 100 words every month additional. So the VIP learners can beat any Native speaker.

Why is ling Fluent good platform for learning languages?

Ling Fluent is a multi-traditional platform. It does not offer only one specific language course. They have experienced linguists for most famous 8 languages. So the first point, it is the platform for all. English, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Italian and Dutch is most welcome to learn the language as native.


Ling Fluent is working with professional and experienced linguists of all these languages. They have developed advanced teaching theories with the experiments in their career. In the Linguistics History, We can learn about the language experiments that have successfully conducted by linguists. So Ling Fluent has joined those experienced linguists who have dramatic theories to teach the language. It is a multimedia platform that is offering courses with the time availability of students. It is available on any Windows, Android and iOS device. The courses on these devices will allow you to learn the frequent foreign language in short time period. They have verified system for courses and have approved with the test on some trial students. They have verified that the Ling Fluent system of study is effective and the final results are observed.


This platform just needs you to provide time as required. They have created techniques of learning with repetition of words and phrases. They will teach you as per your suitable package of learning. They have created 3 packages according to your level of learning requirement.

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How the Platform Works?

Ling Fluent is a Multimedia learning platform. They offer studies with soft versions. Students can have their learning platform on any device of iOS, Android, and windows. Just take your tutor with you and go anywhere. They will provide words quota with twin languages. You will receive word in your subject language and by clicking it can translate to your mother language. So easily you can learn your dictionary. Then you can change syntax with your idea to build new phrases. This technique will help you to learn with your self-ideas.


It has developed an advanced revision system. It will repeat words with additional techniques and you will go through them one by one. If you have done that already then you will mark them with ‘I know”. It will help you to revise your learned lessons. This technique also helps to get involved in language practically. Same as this way, If you will mark “I don’t know” Then the system will automatically take you to set of words that do not occur before. This advanced technical system will enable you to face the exact problematic words. With the revision of these techniques, you will have practice exercise and will indulge in the language.


This technical system of Ling Fluent is experienced and approved by student’s positive response. It works properly and available on any multimedia device.


Ling Fluent provides any possible information to candidates before joining them. So everyone can trust on their behalf of knowledge. They have answered all FAQs to users. So everyone can have confidence in Ling Fluent learning techniques. They also have lessons with the teacher and have described the subjects in advance. They provide a file of the full guide with their system of study and rules.


It is the reason that Ling Fluent is a complete successful source for learning the language.

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Tips how to Learn any Language

Learning another language can open up opportunities for you and remove language barriers. It can allow you to interact with people from other parts of the world. It can help you to move your career forward or to start a new career. It can also make traveling to another country enjoyable rather than intimidating. Following these tips will help you to learn the language you desire.


How you perceive the process is going to influence the outcome. If you feel determined and motivated, you will be able to move forward. The right mindset helps you to make the commitment and to see the results of your effort. You have to commit to the time it takes to learn a new language though. Being able to move forward at your own pace is a great idea. It gives you the extra time you may need for certain concepts.


You can’t expect to learn a new language though if you do’ t make a commitment to doing so. You need to carve out time every single day to work on your learning. If you are crunched for time, are you willing to get up an hour earlier? Are you willing to miss your TV time? If you really want to do this, you will find time to make it work. Ling Fluent is an excellent program, and you will find you can’t wait until you have time to focus on your next learning session!

Daily Practice

Your mind and heart have to be in the process for you to benefit from that time too. The daily practice is only going to offer you what you put into it. If your mind is wondering or you have interruptions, you will hinder your learning. Try to engage in the learning early in the day when your mind is still fresh. Get into the habit of practicing the language as often as you can too. When you hear a song on the radio, try to sing it in that language. If you have an opportunity while talking to someone face to face, try to speak that language. The more you practice each day, the more familiar you will become with the language and how it should sound.

The Right Program

Sadly, too many people fail to learn a new language because they didn’t use the right program. They made the commitment of time and to practice. They also had the right mindset. Yet the program they used had them set up for failure from the start. The right program offers excellent learning tools. That is exactly what you will find with Ling Fluent! The program shouldn’t be repetition, that is just memorizing. Instead, it needs to give you a strong foundation of the language and how to use it successfully when you write and when you speak. It also allows you to understand what you hear when other people speak it or when you read it. The lessons should challenge you but they should also encourage you and be something you look forward to taking part in. Always review the curriculum before you pay for any language teaching program.


An excellent program to help you learn a new language shouldn’t be expensive. A higher priced program doesn’t necessarily mean it offer you better resources or better learning opportunities. Look for a well-designed program that other customers are raving about. At the same time, verify the cost for it is reasonable. When you can do the program on your computer, you can take it with you anywhere and you don’t have the additional expense of paying for textbooks. Ling Fluent is the ultimate resource to help you learn a new language and to have a great time doing so!

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